Cannabis for Everyone

WP_20141020_13_36_57_Pro I can’t say this any plainer: cannabis needs to be rescheduled and reclassified from the top down. That means the White House down to the states down to the cities with uniformity all around.

545768_2970283702710_347753740_nI have been on a crusade for a decade to legalize. At the beginning, I confess, it was only because my husband had introduced me to this amazing plant and through usage of it, I learned the health (and psychological) benefits of it.

bullyCapitalism is a two headed dragon. On one hand, we can make money if we know the right people and have a head for numbers (i.e.fiscal genius). On the other hand, for those who have neither, we’re pretty much screwed. I didn’t set up the system and I think the system sucks. People should be on an even plain, especially when they’re willing to work for their food and shelter (the only true necessities we have). There’s nothing inherently wrong with making a profit, until making the profit becomes the end goal and one’s fellow man is left bleeding in the moonlight with his “friends” stepping over and on top of him as he lays there.

The Burning BushCannabis is a gift of God the Creator. Some believe in Him, others don’t, but that’s irrelevant. It’s a wonderful plant with a shitload of benefits. Benefits to cure cancer, benefits to help children, benefits to help thousands of diseases and ailments, including the soldiers we have returning from war with PTSD and missing and broken limbs – at a fraction of the cost of other medications where it costs $.50 a pill while they charge patients $500 a bottle. What kind of bullshit is this and why the hell is it allowed and no one says shit? No one wants to take a stance. No one want to be that person that others look at and call “Socialist” and all kinds of other names that people come up with to coerce someone into hanging out with the “popular kids”. Names that they call President Obama, the only person since Jimmy Carter trying to do any thing for us little people and they bastardize him for it! We talk out both sides of our mouths, of course, because all the time we’re trying to be all independent, we’re simultaneously trying to be like the others around us (Keeping up with the Joneses).

Loving TouchSometimes I feel like the only person on earth who gives a crap about things other than what people wear, or makeup or advancing “women’s rights” and all the other b.s. that makes up politics today is me and my husband. There may be one or two others that I know that care about other people (and caring about other people is the only reality that matters) but they are getting to be fewer and fewer.

world-peace-debi-hammondCannabis can hypothetically bring the world to peace. Although I don’t believe that there will ever be world peace in the sense that is commonly known (people are selfish by nature and must learn otherwise), I do believe that the cannabis lovers of the world can be at peace with one another if they stop trying to bully others into compliance just to further their agenda. People should be able to go to work, do their jobs and then go home and smoke their flipping brains out if they want to. They should be able to do so with he blessing of their primary care provider. They should be able to ingest it, put it in a bong, cook it in food. It’s an herb, people. They should be able to grow it at home or go to the store and get it without extortionary prices instead of hiding behind children (oh, but they’ll turn a blind eye to them huffing paint and glue with that It’s so dangerous for the kids rhetoric).

545768_2970283702710_347753740_nLegalize cannabis. Make our spokespeople listen to us. Remember that  the House & Senate are there, as well as the President and all elected officials of each city, state and county are there for US not the other way around. If you want something, fight for it! Of course, the only way for that to happen is for everyone to get in the same boat, on the same page; without that happening, not a damn thing will change.

Thank you for giving me a chance to stand on my soap box for a minute. soapbox (1)

To sign the “Full Legalization of Marijuana in the United States of America petition, click the link below:

Cannabis for Everyone

Your life is like a house

150_740625-0 I was sitting here, thinking about what to write. How did I want to phrase it? What do I want it to contain? I’ve been writing for the purpose of trying to reach the masses…needless to say, I haven’t been successful and it’s frustrating. I’m largely an “all-or-nothing” personality, seeing the world in mostly terms of black and white (but critically aware of the grey areas I know to exist). With the help of my joint of honey oil and chem dog hybrid, the answer came to me – I’m not supposed to write for them; I’m supposed to write for me!  Now, maybe it’s just me and everyone else has it figured out, but to me, it might have been an “aha” moment, as Oprah would say. I’m not 100% sure because who knows how my understanding will be in 10 minutes after more of the high focuses my thoughts. The only complaint I have about this strain (grown by myself in our tiny little grow area) is that it makes me ditzy. Today I joked that I should have called it “Space Cadet”. WinkSo many times I have stood in the kitchen, can opener in hand, wondering for 10 minutes why I’m standing there and what am I supposed to do with this? I have to smirk to myself after a minute and put the can opener back in the drawer and go back and sit down because we don’t have a cat or dog and the munchies don’t necessarily include a can opener when one can forage.

It occurs to me that our life is like a house; it has walls – the part of us that makes up who we are – beliefs, sexual orientation, our preferences (the ones we’re born with, not the ones we learn to settle for) in regards to color, favorite this-and-that, political leanings (again, from gut instinct, not coaching).  The inner core is also important and basically dictates whether or not the outter core stands, chips, falls or is destroyed, either through usage or through self destructive choices. One’s life is a series of choices: yes? no? Every time we do things the right way and listen to gut instinct and make the correct choices, that improves our life; every time we don’t do things the right way and despite knowing the ramifications, make the wrong choices because we decide to, we damage our outer core just a little bit more. Those cracks can be mended, with love and understanding and forgiveness, but will never fully as strong as before. This is why marriages don’t last these days. We’re developed into such a lazy, visually motivated world (He’s so cute/ She’s beautiful) that we rush into a relationship, get married too fast without really knowing the person we’re with. When you marry someone, no matter how long you’ve known them, there’s still the chance that they may go left-field on you without warning or that you will continue to ceases to communicate. Hop from the back seat to the bed to the alter and  you’re often taking your emotional life into your hands.

Only we  can decide how strong we want our house to be. We make a lot of bad decisions early in life but eventually we grow up and then we can take control over our own lives. There will always be people around us telling us what to do- such is the nature of living around laws- but ultimately, we must choose the ones that benefit our life and those that we choose to implement in order for others in our lives not to be harmed in any way. Laws are only as good as the context in which they stand. No, you should never steal – but should you find yourself in a position where your child is hungry and you have no money, I have no problem with gleaning in order for my child to be filled. Sue me – laws are meant to control when they should be meant to help ALL instead of a FEW. I’m thankful that I have never been in that position (plenty of years on food stamps and food pantry recipient but never had to steal, thank God, because as I say, I can’t lie my way out of a wet paper sack.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Appreciate it so very much.

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Your life is like a house

Peace of Mind or Piece of Retribution


I wrote this from my other WordPress blog…I miss you, Ishy.

Originally posted on Heidi Joy Hameed:

Hello, Friends!

Six months ago, my husband and my life changed forever. Our much beloved son, Ishaq, was killedV__2860 and my husband severely injured when they were struck by a car on a dangerous road going way too fast. The driver was going too fast, tried to over correct and came at them at more than 50 mph and killed Ish immediately. Raphael (daddy) was thrown more than 41 feet back into the parking lot. Suffice it to say that his tibia (shin bone) was sticking through his skin (which is why I won’t show you the picture – it’s REALLY gruesome) leading to amputation of his leg below his knee. His pelvis was an “open book” fracture (which means that the front area that protects the bladder was completely open, setting his bladder outside of the pelvis). His right shoulder was also broken, requiring surgeries and pins. His femur also…

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Peace of Mind or Piece of Retribution

Only Rescheduling Will Do

150_740625-0 For weeks, I have been thinking about something: legalization is all well and good and I’m delighted to see so many states legalizing for medical reasons. This year celebrates at least 4 states that have legalized for recreational use but that privilege comes at a cost – and with strings attached. In Colorado, Denver has so many recreational shops they have an area they termed “the Green Mile” (Clever, no?) but in Colorado Springs, just an hour or two south of Denver, no recreational shops at all. Why? Because even though the PEOPLE said, “Hell yeah” to legalization, the CITY said, “Fuck no” to recreational shops. Fair? Of course not but anyone who’s watched the PTB’s long enough knows that it doesn’t matter what the people want if those (with the money and influence) don’t want it. And they didn’t want cannabis – didn’t want anyone getting in the way of the yard they guard. Can’t be having the little guy making a buck or having their dreams fulfilled – that’d just be crazy!

In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to get hired at a Dispensary or in the marijuana business at all without having to travel the lengths and breadth of the earth with lashings aplenty. Nor can we get a job at anywhere else without having to cheat our way to it (faking clean urine, whatever, EVEN AS A PATIENT) or go unemployed. It’s all bullshit. Finding a position in one’s chosen field should NOT be this difficult!

With this in mind, I have come to this conclusion: legalization is awesome but not good enough. Even though Congress did make it so that the Federal Government can’t mess with the states any more that legalize for medical purposes (a redundancy if I ever heard one as cannabis is medicinal by nature), that doesn’t protect the people at all. Case in point? The same time they HID IN THE BUDGET that the Federal Government can’t mess with the states, they also took the opportunity to tell Washington D.C. to go fuck themselves by disallowing recreational use when the people (with something like 70% in favor) had just finished legalizing it. Yes, there’s some mealy-mouthed crap going on with the new Attorney General trying to talk out both sides of his mouth so at this moment, all he manages to say is that the people can’t do what they want to do – but the bill they passed isn’t irrelevant either. What the hell does that even mean? We need Cannabis lawyers to take on all the stories that come forward; dumb it down for us who don’t speak legalese.

Listen up. Only one thing will help our cause. Reschedule. Period. Nothing else will do. We have to legalize/reclassify it FEDERALLY because the states (who bitch about too much government) will fold like cheap suits if the Federal Government backs off and reclassifies what everyone knows to be true – cannabis is amazing shit. Doing so will take away the excuses that the states tote now – it’s still Federally illegal – and will (I hope) allow for the full potential of the cannabis plant to be utilized.


The plants save children (our future) and our parents and relationships (peace, heals cancer & illnesses galore – thus, our present). Please stand up and defend what’s right. The old adage “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is so true! squeeeeak, squeeeeak, squeeeeak!! .

If you don’t step up; won’t nothing happen. If you’re scared to step forward, remember that this is a plant that can HELP everyone, so unless you don’t have a crap about anyone else, this can only help YOU/ME.


Only Rescheduling Will Do

Help us Start Monk’s Herb’n Lounge!

Cannabis, ganja, marijuana is more than a drug for over indulging ‘stoners’, it’s a natural source of life giving medicine for many common ailments and much more positive attributes. This is the ‘plant of peace & well being and after years of study, I have knowledge of plant cultivation and production of hash oil, THC infused butter and olive oil and ‘ganjava’, infuse coffee. With many years of great customer service experience and good ideas, like Monk’s Herb’n Lounge, a financial backer can lead to success in the cannabis industry…


Help us Start Monk’s Herb’n Lounge!

Legal vs Ethical

Anyone who knows me or has read anything I wrote knows I’m a proponent of pot, though I am NOT a pot-head according to the traditional definition of the word. No Cheech and Chong-like activities from me!

10696213_10152283782781256_481274199477500203_n I always have and probably always will struggle with the notion of right and wrong as opposed to legal and illegal. I’m inclined to see the world largely in terms of black and white though experience and life have long ago taught me that there are an almost unlimited number of grey areas in all realities. As such, one of the areas I’ve struggled with is the legal and the ethical. Are they the same thing? Can I choose between them and stay out of jail? As an American, I know I have some options…democracy is a double edged sword and can be very advantageous when one is self-searching or destructive depending on what side you sit. As one of those born with no “silver spoon”, I have fewer options, economically and/or politically speaking, than, say someone born of the Kennedy’s or the Rockerfellers (for example), or any other family that has built their lives and wealth on the backs of others (like myself) whom they could step on who were too inconsequential to matter; basically selling death and destruction (liquor, for example).

WP_20141020_13_36_57_Pro We have, before us, this cannabis issue. As a child of God, I find myself in a paradigm of indecision. That is to say I used to before I came to peace with myself and learned a few things. Even though I long ago learned that legal and morals are different subjects, often one reflects the other. For example, abortion is legal…but immoral (according to those who are pro-life). Ecclesiastes 3 says that there’s a time and place for everything and no one is perfect although for me, personally, not something I could do for any reason. Then there’s gay marriage. Again, same story. Legal (in some states) but immoral (according to the teachings of the Bible that’s taught by the majority of churches). Now, there’s cannabis. Legal in some states but…wait! Is it immoral? Let’s study that for a minute. Cannabis. Something that people smoke, eat, make supplies out of, heals people of cancer…legal but treated as if it’s illegal. The voters made it clear they wanted it legalized so it gets legalized and then politicians step forward and find ways to strip us of our rights effectively flipping us off and telling us that it doesn’t matter what we want…if what we want is inconvenient or threatens other agendas that would conflict <paramedical for example> with it, then screw us and there’s nothing we can do because at the same time this is going on, those with connections within the industry are screwing us from the other angle; either we’re not connected or we have bad credit or…pick a reason.


Cannabis needs to be federally legalized. Legalizing will accomplish a number of things: it will pave the way for states to stop discriminating against users, medically and otherwise. It will open the door for the kind of study (scientifically speaking) it should have been getting this whole time . It will, if done right, help average citizens to fulfill dreams they might have had for a long time but have been unable to move forward due to it’s legal status. It also needs to be educated corrected to our kids. Now that it’s legal in Colorado, one excuse after another has come up with to take our rights away. Using our kids as a dartboard, they talk about the dangers of our kids getting into the pot. Meanwhile, people are moving here in droves to get their kids the help they need through the use of Charlotte’s Web

 and  Phoenix Tears. 
Clearly, it’s working.

01 Cannabis-Cures-Cancer

So what’s the next step, I wonder. What’s it going to take to get it totally legalized, especially in light of the fact that we, who believe in it, can’t even seem to come to peace with each other and work together. I don’t know. Maybe we’re doomed to just crash and burn given our “musical chairs” mentality. Always got to have our way; always ready to shove someone out of the way to get in front of them. Maybe THAT’s why it’s not legal. Cannabis makes us want to socialize and think of other people; alcohol and other drugs don’t have that affect in any way. It’s more along out “nature” – that whole ME, ME, ME side that we naturally have. It could be said that cannabis is us  as God would have us; alcohol is us with no God, no morals, totally selfish.


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Legal vs Ethical

Long Absence stems from family tragedy

On July 8th, I got up at the normal time, 5 am, prepared for the day and kissed my husband goodbye for the day. I gazed at our five year old, splayed out sleeping his beautiful little head off next to Daddy. 




I went to work that day as always and at 10 pm, I was with my friend heading back to my family. As we turned the corner to my place, there was a crime scene going on; police and ambulances and stuff all over the place. 

We couldn’t get through, so we turned around and went to my place a different way. I went into our empty apartment and took a shower, wondering where my family was. Raphael is a creature of habit and would NEVER have Ishaq (our son) out after dark so I was already a bit unsettled. After my shower, I sat and wondered where my family was some more. A knock of the door brought the first real sense of impending disaster. Looking out the keyhole, every hair on my head stood as I saw the police and several other people were standing outside my door. 

I  opened the door and my life changed forever. It was told to me that my son and husband had been coming from the store and had been hit by a car. Ishaq was killed. Raphael was in surgery, having had his leg nearly torn off. It had been amputated. 

20140709_164005    10537127_10152114973671256_4655963110831394502_n   10513523_10152157779546256_1657693031122822526_n   10553821_10152163098551256_8278471907802352853_o

10583998_10152159723021256_944101682859241633_n  1927922_10152161616046256_4091210365614567478_n

It’s been 5 weeks since this event took place. Raphael and I are not the usual suspects. We loved our son with every breath in our body and that hasn’t changed because he went home to be with God. We laugh; we cry. We live and plan for Raphael coming home so we can just be ourselves. Raphael is in good spirits. He’s loving and caring and wants everyone around us to be the best they can be and to know they’re valuable. 

WP_20140811_14_39_50_Pro   WP_20140811_14_39_57_Pro

We need your prayers. We need financial help. A fund has been set up by a friend to raise money to help us move forward. I will be taking Raphael home and taking care of him. Through the Independence Center, I should be able to be trained and paid to care for him at home. We were on public assistance and I had acquired a part time job just before this happened. Obviously I had to quit to deal with the aftermath. Cash aid is only for people with children and so obviously with Ish’s death, that changed. Until I am getting paid to help him,  we will need help. 

There’s been considerable coverage by local news channels. If you feel comfortable and charitable, please consider helping us.–Family




Long Absence stems from family tragedy

Monk’s Herb’n Lounge

Monk’s Herb’n Lounge will be a three-part business including coffee shop, hash bar and internet cafe. These three should be combined with a hotel, making it a one-stop-sPot-to-drop after a night out on the town.


Monk’s Herb’n Lounge would start off with six computers for the Internet cafe, enabled with a user name and password, provided by hostess at the time of check-in. No wifi.

Free internet for hotel residents alone. Clients paying with their credit card will receive extras, such as a wake-n-bake experience, 1TBS sativa type, choice of Super Silver Haze or Jack the Ripper or whatever they choose, brought up on a silver tray in the same manner as room service. The hotel will have a 30 day maximum stay limit. Two people per room rule (one/two occupancy).

Price will include wake-n-bake or cable and Internet.

Each guest will receive a complimentary glass personal pipe with Herb’n Hotel inscribed on it. For each guest staying three days or more, paying by cash, they will be charged $15 for the wake-n-bake, brought up to them on a silver tray by a waiter. Tips are allowed. The guest can ask the hostess for a wake-n-bake call upon check in.

An entire floor would be designated for disabled combat veterans. They would have a conference room in their area, easy handicap accessibility for support meetings where they can smoke and converse and coffee and tea would be provided. Their stay would be priced as half off and they would receive a lot of free stuff, including certificates to come back in at a different time for a wake-n-bake or an afternoon smoke session.

A combined community room and music lounge will play cannabis-friendly movies featuring such actors as James Franco, Cheech and Chong, and other cannabis icons. Music will be pumped through the stereo system loud enough to hear but soft enough to enable conversation. Music will feature Bob Marley, Chief Greenbud, Bob Dylan and other cannabis-friendly musicians.

Also featured in the movie room would be a tribute to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to honor persons who uplift cannabis including Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan.

Eddy Bravo and Joe Rogan

A separate room would offer games, old school arcade games as well as at least one computer where people could play Bejeweled, Zuma, and other mind enriching games.

And finally, a Coptic Christian study lounge where you can receive Gnostic knowledge of text and codexes and also holy oil anointing for believers and followers of The Way of Christ.

A water cooler and paper cups will be provided as well as snack items such as grapes (cuts down on cotton mouth) and fruit cups, delivered to guests by waitresses in a paper cup.

Photos on the wall will honor cannabis legends such as Jack Herer, Herb’n Monk with various people he has had pictures taken with such as Don Duncan, Eddy Lepp, Pony Boy from Los Marijanos, Henry Hemp and his wife January Thomas.

Arjan Roskam Of “Strain Hunters”

We need cannabis friendly financial backers; professionals looking to break into a new business opportunity. Contact Herb’n Monk at and/or

Ed Rosenthal and Raphael Hameed, at the THC Expo in Los Angeles, 2009

Need more incentive? Whoever backs us will have their name on the marquee as proprietor of Monk’s Herb’n Lounge.

Master Kush
Displaying Herbal Goodness as grown by Raphael Hameed, The Herb’n Monk
Monk’s Herb’n Lounge